Conceptual Development

You’re considering getting a video made but maybe some questions or fears are keeping you from starting. Imagine, hiring a Generic Video Person to make something that you’re not entirely clear on. Generic Video Person charges you an arm and a leg. Your video gets done, but not how you would have liked, or as soon as you would have liked. Big failure.

Not here at Phoenix Video Creations. We value aspects to quality customer service like easy access to your producer, and a “customer first” mindset. A lot of video people these days are all about them and what they want; but with us we focus on what you want.

We know video techniques that bring your video to the next level: your videos look cinematic and are relevant to today’s world.

Whether it’s corporate videos, weddings/parties/events, or social media advertising, we work with you to make the video YOU want. In our concept development phase we take our knowledge of the film-making process and apply it to your ideas. Through a deep dive and exploratory conversation, we learn and plan for the intricacies of what you want to do.

We had one client, founder of the Klippy, who desired a splash in a pool that was much, much larger than what the product provided. But with a couple of takes and some editing magic we got a “Wow, that’s exactly what I wanted!”

Principal Photography