If we’re working an event with you, the day of should be all about you. The last thing you want to concern yourself is with the video, which may take your attention away from your event.

You need to be firing on all cylinders to make sure you’re operating at a 110%.  Or maybe you’re in the video we’re making and you need to focus on being composed and in a good place mentally. Brush the stress of production off, for we have good helpers.

Our quality crew is vetted, trusted, and punctual. Phoenix Video Creations hire the best, because we know it’s not just our reputation on the line but your business and your investment. Most projects will do fine with minimal crew, sizes of one or two. But sometimes you want that extra talent on set to properly capture a live event.  With our vetted insiders list of talented camera operators, drone operators, makeup artists, and more, you’re sure to get quality over quantity.

Principal Photography