You plan the logistics for every aspect of your day: who’s taking the kid to school, where are you going to be at 3:30 so you don’t miss your meeting… All sorts of activities require critical thought and follow through. That’s why Phoenix Video Creations offers bespoke logistics planning for your video.

The shot-list, prepared in the pre-production phase, will list specific angles and shots needed to make your video a success. Logistics are important since audio setups change, lighting setups change, and gear needs change from project to project.

All the releases need to be signed, crew needs to be booked, and your script and storyboard complete before we move onto the logistics phase. These items are crucial because they ensure cast, crew, and the appropriate gear, all come together seamlessly for the shoot day. Filming is done out of order most times, so your Director of Photography will show up with a shot list to ensure nothing is left out.

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