Short Film, No Budget, and It Looks Good!

Last week we premiered a no-budget short film that looks good on YouTube called Candelabra! It was a hit! Together between my friends and I, we have created over twenty low-budget, no-budget short films and the biggest thing I can say is story trumps everything. You don’t need a budget, you just need to be realistic in picking your story and having a story written down in the first place.

The biggest tip: preplan. Shot-listing keeps you focused and zoned in on what you are doing. If you are a budding cinematographer looking for work, a “set life” aficionado, or adobe premiere editor looking to hone your chops, nothing beats going out there, typing up a screenplay, casting and crewing and getting it done yourself. In my case, for Candelabra!  I wanted to focus on experimenting with some lighting techniques and had a director handle the interactions and guidance of the actors on set.

Later, I had a friend come over and help with the music. I gave him this song and told him to cover it, but wisely enough to avoid a lawsuit opted for an inspirational rendition instead. Which, I have to say, I like a lot better. Lastly, we did some Foley and glued it all together in adobe premiere. All in all, using low budget equipment here and there, maintaining clean video and audio feeds on location, help with creating a decent product that’s engaging, and highly creative. I recommend you check out the film below.

Special thanks to Chelsea, Sara, Josue, Derik and my family for helping! Our next release will be a highly anticipated thriller film called “Head Games.” Keep an eye out for it!

Once you’ve seen the movie, check out what our friends have to say over at The Innovation Enterprise about preplanning your films.

Failure to visualize main day logistics could be the starting point of disaster even with a great script. This phase includes locations, timings, contact information and every critical detail relevant for the main day. It is vital to get call sheets right since they go out to the entire crew.


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