Make Short Films – No Experience Necessary

If you don’t have any experience making videos, then why should you consider making a short film?

Finding a good idea isn’t difficult or hard. Creating a good idea on the screen is the hard part!

Barriers to entry before included the need to invest lots of money in high-quality cameras and large expensive editing rigs. You can still buy those tools today, but emerging technologies and even with tech that’s not that old, you can start creating video content today. Almost every iPhone has some version of iMovie which is all you need to splice b-roll with your voice over and advertise for your business, shoot a drama or horror short film, or even document an event.

Phone cameras are especially useful for individuals with no experience to document event. The only thing you must do is film horizontally and follow the rule of thirds and BAM, cinematic footage.

As Candelabra! is being submitted to festivals, I wanted to build some suspense for its official premiere party by sharing why I love making short films, and why you should consider making one too.

It’s the drive to create good stories that push forward our collective attempt at capturing and reproducing reality. Whether we commercially succeed or fail on this front is not the point. Rather, the joy from collaborating and creating a great film with others feels accomplishment enough.

I wanted to share my appreciation for a post by Michael Koehler with the Lights Film School Team that touches on this point very well:

#4: Shorts for Shorts’ Sake

Indeed, sometimes we make things because we can’t not make things.

Good stories come in all lengths. You might find one best told in twenty minutes instead of one hundred and twenty minutes; a moment that speaks to your heart and cries out to be shared with the world.

“The short film doesn’t supplant the feature,” journalist Richard Brody reminds us, “it nourishes it”:

It doesn’t make a filmmaker’s career, but it augments it, just as a brief visit to a friend may bring a wise word that may stick with a person for a lifetime. Or, to put it another way, movie theatres are like restaurants, which offer a chance for a good long talk; but there are also cafés for a chat, and the cinema needs those, too.

Candelabra! Will be my 20th short film production. Join our email list to be in the know when we have our networking launch party and live viewing of a collection of short films by various artists.

Share with me a short film you’ve made or comment below if you want tips on starting.

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