Special FX

Wedding/Parties/Events, Corporate Videos, and Advertisements all use some sort of special effects. Go on YouTube, turn on the TV, or check Facebook. Social Video uses large text, commercials have lower thirds and events have cool title sequences! Don’t you want the same polish in your videos? The sky is the limit for post 3D special …

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Video is done. You love it. It’s great. You upload it to share the world…and moments later it’s gone! What happened? The time of using music without rights is long over; YouTube and other services have gotten not only better, but quicker at taking down content with copyrighted music. Sometimes this is automatic, and a …

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An edited video is only as good as your least favorite part! That’s why we have a spectacular attention to detail starting with our concept development phase, where we being to arrange the parts and pieces that will make it into your final edit. As a part of every video, we offer revision editing. Because …

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