“The New Face Of Movie Production During Covid-19”

“In this time of struggle and great divide, one thing can be agreed upon: the entertainment and TV/Film production industry will not be the same while Covid-19 is still active. ” Curt Wiser writes, a local writer and director in Central Florida.

“Near the end of May, 2020, Georgia made public their state guidelines for TV/Film production in the age of Covid-19. “

Curt breaks down what new rules Georgia published regarding social distancing and film-making. Only reading it in full will give you a good idea what it is about. I posted a comment on Facebook in agreement:

“I love this article. Part of what we are seeing today is the flourishing of technology that existed but had limited value in the market place due to high upstart costs. Technology has been saving us time and effort but we have been stuck to old analogue ways of doing things. COVID-19, slim margins, and sunk cost of person to person ways of working have now changed the market. Now, technology that would be “costly” and an “investment” is now standard issue to prevent further profit loss. We see it with remote work today. Hopefully we will see the ubiquity of AR wall go up with indie productions in this new era.”

Check out the full article over at OC Movie Reviews.


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